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If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

Go anywhere

Where would you travel if you could go anywhere?

Imagine money and logistics are no problem. Let your thoughts go as you envision your dream vacation. Would you go exploring museums, shopping in fancy boutiques, climb a mountain, lay on a white sand beach and swim in crystal clear water, discover exotic animals or take a luxury cruise around the World.
A change of location can feed both body and mind. There is so much to see and learn around the globe. The phrase “The World is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page”, which is attributed to Saint Augustine, is an interesting way of making an analogy.
One page of a book will only give you so much information. You will never know about what happens in the next chapter, much less at the end of the book. That is the fate of those who stay in one place, and never visit other places.The flip side of that is the person who travels afar, and reads from the pages of each place that they visit. In this manner, they end up reading the whole book, page by page. And like a good mystery, reading a later chapter may just explain something read in an earlier chapter. If you just visit nearby communities with the exact same culture, you’re going to read the same page again that you have previously been reading. For me, the quote is urging us to learn more about each-other, that we may better understand the whole of the book which is the world.
Start the next chapter of your book today.
The only question becomes … where to go?

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Hello Carol,

We are back from Vietnam and ready to recommend that all of our friends plan a trip to travel there! All of the planned activities we did, and all of the places we stayed were wonderful. We were very pleased with Trails of Indochina and their service and would be happy to use them again! Also, the visa-upon-arrival service we used worked seamlessly, and I would recommend it to other travelers.

We especially were happy with the service from the tour guide that accompanied us through Hanoi and from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay and back. He was so personable and paid so much attention to the details of our travels that we really came to consider him a friend.

The Jasmine cruise on Ha Long Bay had great accommodations, delicious food, and well-planned activities. We were very glad that we stayed the two nights instead of the more popular one night option.

The Nam Hai resort was referenced to us as ‘Nirvana’ by our guide in Hoi An. He was right; the place was extremely luxurious. The two bedroom villa was gorgeous, and the attentiveness and friendliness of our butler, who showed us around town one day was much appreciated. The breakfasts here, and at the Metropole and on the cruise in fact, were all amazing and we were thrilled that they were included in our package.

I am so glad that we worked with you again to plan this trip. As you predicted, we were so glad to have had guides throughout our trip and to have the attention of guides and drivers for each transfer. Thank you for all of your hard work!

- Mary Ray